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Dec. 2nd, 2006 | 10:22 pm

So, I decided to stay in WVU until I get my degree. I was takling to a couple of my friends here , and the work load ,lifestyle etc. is a lot easier just to stay. ANd i must say, Morgantown is starting to grow on me. Next semester I will try and switch rooms, and bring my car down so I won't feel so isolated. PLus, I really like living on my own. Finally , they have a great study abroad program for my major in....where you ask? MILIAN ITALY. Yes, every school has one but I really want to try and get into it, its been my dream for like 3294834094802398423 years.
1 week of school left and then "Dead Week" aka final week. Probably going to have to fly home, the hardest part is finding someone to get me to the pittsburgh airport, although, I think my roomate offered last time I didnt zone out when she started talking. Maybe I am bashing her a bit too much...maybe.

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