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Oct. 7th, 2006 | 11:39 pm

I find Fall to be very nice, but at the same time depressing. The leaves changing here do not compare to new york's rich and vibrant fall foliage. There is truly no place like home.
Since I have been here, I have been playing around with the idea in my head to transfer out of here next semester. Tonight I told the friends that I have made here of my plans for possibly not returning to wvu next semester. They were shocked and all very sad, which shocked me since that although they are my friends, I guess that I had never really thought of them as "real friends" as they thought of me. They didn't understand why I might leave, and although I kept telling them that it wasn't one big reason, but rather many little ones they still could comprehend it. Which kinda fustrated me and made me hold back on telling them my true feelings. They're young, and I could tell that they weren't seeing the situation from my side. Anyway this was a crappy week anyway with 3 exams and a major project due, I am glad last week is shot to shit.

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